Strengthen management with NPS

NPS gives you a specific key figure for your customers’ degree of loyalty, important qualitative input about customers’ experience when beeing in contact with the company. This gives a basis for strengthening your organisation’s focus on the customer experience. Learn more about how the NPS method and system can help you with the management task here.

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The management task

NPS supports your strategic planning and budgeting. Customers' view of the company's strength and areas of improvement provide input for prioritizing long-term planning and investments.

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Business development

Should you do more of what you already do or is there potential for growth with new services or in new business areas? Use NPS as a tool to get your customers' direct input into new growth areas.

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The toolbox

CleverNPS can be used in several of your functions. NPS can help Sales to sell more and prevent customer churn, Marketing with a more targeted campaign and HR to identify well-being, etc.

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The crystal ball

The CleverNPS solution is a whole platform with options that help you set clear goals for the customer experience. I is also a tool for monitoring the progress the organization creates.

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The organization

CleverNPS as a management tool supports the organization's work in delivering a a good customer experience. One that makes the customer come back and recommend your company to their network.

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When 1 + 1 becomes 3

It is possible to integrate CleverNPS with your other business systems (requires open API). It e.g. makes it possible to simplify workflows and to identify the financial value of customer loyalty.

Intelligent NPS software for management

CleverNPS offers a smart NPS cloud solution, which both gives you a loyalty score and can be used as a KPI. It also measures the customers’ experience of the qualitative collaboration. Everything gathered into one system and with the option to integrate with other of your IT tools such as e.g. CRM, business systems, etc. to generate additional valuable business insights.

Using NPS data as a management basis

Use CleverNPS as a management tool by setting up the collection of customer feedback on their experience. The communication circle is a good way to remove any doubt about what the customers think and at the same time gives the opportunity to use their input as an important contribution to picking up new trends and setting the direction for the management of the experience you want your customers to have.

Order a presentation

At CleverNPS, we are happy to give you a non-binding presentation of the CleverNPS system. You can order a presentation by using the book a meeting function on this page, or you can contact us at +45 70 27 08 00.

The communication circle

The communication circle for management
The director and management use NPS

Understand how NPS can be used

At CleverNPS, we have over 10 years of experience with NPS. Over the years, we have helped many companies to understand and use NPS in their business.

NPS consulting services

In addition to us and our partners offering our CleverNPS software solution, we also offer NPS consultancy services. Our experience means that we can quickly and accurately guide your company on how NPS can both create value in management and in the company’s other departments.

Marketing as a starting point

As advisers, we always start from your companies view point and your current situation. Together we can define different goals that NPS can help you with in management and other departments that may be relevant. In addition, through ongoing advice, we can help analyze the NPS results and target your efforts. Get more out of your efforts and investments, have a talk with us and hear how NPS can help.  

Contact CleverNPS

If you are interested in knowing more about how NPS can be used in your company, we are ready to give you a non-binding introduction to NPS. If you are already looking for NPS software, we are of course also ready to give you a presentation of our user-friendly Danish-developed system. Call, write or book a meeting immediately.