eNPS – Measuring the well-being of your employees

eNPS measures the degree of the organization’s commitment and well-being in an easy and simple way. The method contains both a quantitative and a qualitative measurement which gives you an ongoing, qualified insight into your organisation.

Make engagement measurable with the eNPS icon

Make commitment measurable

Committed and satisfied employees are a decisive factor for the company's success. CleverNPS gives you a key figure for the organisation's well-being that you can monitor on an ongoing basis.

APV assessment of the workplace icon - eNPS

Workplace Assessment (APV)

With the CleverNPS eNPS solution you also get a tool that can easily and simply handle your APV measurements. Here you also have the option to view historic data from previous measurements.

High flexibility with eNPS software - icon

High flexibility

You yourself have the opportunity to build your own library of questions. You can use these questions to measure the development for the areas you focus on. This gives you a high degree of flexibility.

Gain insight into employee well-being with an eNPS solution

Get insights

The CleverNPS solution gives structure and overview of the employees' comments. You will have a more qualified basis for decision-making and a basis for dialogue. Get more employee insights with CleverNPS.

Easy and user-friendly NPS software system icon

It is easy

You can start an employee survey in a few minutes. With a list of the employee's email addresses or mobile numbers you are good to go. Therefore it is easy to get started with meassuring NPS and eNPS.

eNPS measurement for employees icon - CleverNPS

The measurement

Use eNPS instead of or as a supplement to the large and comprehensive employee survey. eNPS is a far more flexible tool for continuously gaining insight into the organisation's well-being.

Smart eNPS software for the HR department

You can use the CleverNPS eNPS cloud solution instead of, or as a good supplement to, the often resource-intensive periodic employee satisfaction survey. eNPS as a method makes it easier to frequently evaluate the situation in company.

Using eNPS as KPI and qualitative input

The eNPS method continuously provides a qualified insight into organizational health and well-being. It provides both a quantitative and qualitative measurement.

Order a presentation

At CleverNPS, we are happy to give you and your HR department a non-binding online presentation of the CleverNPS system. You can order a presentation by using the book a meeting function on this page, or you can contact us at 70 27 08 00.

Measure employee well-being with eNPS software for HR
Understand how NPS is used by HR

Understand how NPS can be used

At CleverNPS, we have over 10 years of experience with eNPS. Over the years, we have helped many companies in understanding and using eNPS in their company.

NPS consulting services

In addition to offering our CleverNPS software solution, we also offer eNPS consulting services. Our experience means that we can quickly and precisely guide your company on how eNPS can be used in your HR department.

Starting point in your HR (desires/challenges/or?)

As consultants we always start from your company’s perspective and the current HR situation. Together we can define different goals that eNPS can help you with in the HR department. In addition, through ongoing consultations, we can help analyze the eNPS results and target your efforts in the area. Get more out of your HR efforts, have a talk with us and hear how eNPS can help.
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Contact CleverNPS

If you are interested in knowing more about how NPS can be used in your company, we are ready to give you a non-binding introduction to NPS. If you are already looking for NPS software, we are of course also ready to give you a presentation of our user-friendly Danish-developed system. Call, write or book a meeting today.