NPS and finances

NPS gives you the opportunity to identify the measured value of your customers’ loyalty thus help to identify areas of investment where a strengthened effort will create better results. You can see examples of this here….

Lifetime value icon - NPS Economy

Lifetime value

Loyal customers are typically customers for a longer time. They also place more orders and use more money at a company they are loyal to. With CleverNPS you can identify the degree of loyalty of your customers and calculate their lifetime value.

The value of recommendations - CleverNPS icon

Value of recommendations

What is the value of giving existing customers such a good experience that they recommend your company to their network? With the CleverNPS solution, you get the opportunity to put an amount on the value of a recommendation.

Share of wallet icon - NPS for the finance department

Share of Wallet

Identify and put an amount on the value of the loyal customers who can potentially buy more and the disloyal customers who are potentially going to leave you. Basis for targeted efforts for increased turnover and less customer churn.

Control the cost of sales in the finance department in NPS - icon

Selling costs

Optimize your sales costs. NPS gives you insight into where you can best allocate your sales resources. It is typically cheaper to realize the potential for additional sales than to chase new sales. CleverNPS gives you the opportunity to optimize your sales.

The customer types' average purchase icon - Economy

Average purchase by type

Loyal customers typically buy more than disloyal customers. With in-depth knowledge on turnover and earnings per customer types, you have the opportunity to evaluate the value of moving customers from being disloyal to being loyal.

Investment in customer loyalty - icon

Investment in customer loyalty

When you calculate the value on the degree of customer loyalty, you visualize the value of initiatives that will create increased customer loyalty. It can e.g. be everything from optimizing processes and systems to further training of staff.

Knowledge of customer lifetime value and average purchase based on degree of loyalty helps to focus.

NPS, combined with some of the company’s financial key figures, gives you a unique opportunity to identify and optimize unrealized potential and prioritize your areas of action. Read more about how NPS can help you capitalize on customer loyalty here

Financial insight with CleverNPS cloud solution

CleverNPS gives you the insight into your customers’ loyalty. By combining this with your company’s financial key figures, you will have a unique opportunity to identify and optimize unrealized potential and make it easier to prioritize your areas of action.

Using NPS measurement for more than one score

NPS is far more than a score when you put knowledge about customer loyalty into the system. It will give you the opportunity to increase turnover and prevent customer churn. 

Order a presentation

At CleverNPS, we are happy to give you and your finance manager a non-binding online presentation of the CleverNPS system. You can order a presentation by using the book a meeting function on this page, or you can contact us in another way.

The turnover of the 3 loyalty levels

Customers' average purchases - Loyalty rate
Understanding NPS in the finance department - CFO

Understand how NPS can be used

At CleverNPS, we have over 10 years of experience with NPS. Over the years, we have helped many companies learn to understand and how to use NPS in their company.

NPS consulting services

In addition to offering our CleverNPS software solution, we also offer NPS consulting services. With our experience we can quickly and precisely guide your company on how NPS can be used to identify the value of creating increased customer loyalty.

The starting point to create better financial results

As consultants, we always start from your company’s perspective and the setup you have today. Together we can define different goals that NPS can help to achieve. You could e.g. create better results by focusing on sales and marketing and define areas where investments in a better customer experience will give the greatest return. Get more out of your sales and marketing budget, have a talk with us and hear how CleverNPS can help you.

Contact CleverNPS

If you are interested in knowing more about how NPS can be used in your company, we are ready to give you a non-binding introduction to NPS. In case you are already looking for NPS software, we are of course also ready to give you a presentation of our user-friendly Danish-developed system. Call, write or book a meeting immediately.