Get started with NPS

At CleverNPS, we do not just sell our NPS software, we also help you get started and to understand the NPS results. This enables you to improve your customer loyalty.

Setup of CleverNPS - NPS software solution


We already have many standard integrations that make it easy to set up our CleverNPS software. We can probably also develop an integration for your system if we do not have it yet.

Understand the NPS score and performance of your NPS data


Understand the results of your NPS measurements. It is important that your company incorporates an understanding of how NPS measurements should be understod, so that you can take action.

Ask NPS question icon - Ask customers about the customer experience


Started asking your customers if they would recommend your company to family and friends. This gives you a unique insight into your customers' experience.

Increase customer loyalty - Take action with an NPS solution


Taking action on the basis of your NPS results is crucial for realization the benefits of using the NPS software. Your actions based on NPS data should most likely improve your company's customer loyalty.

Measure the NPS score and get info about the customer experience and customer loyalty


Every time you ask a customer an NPS question, you measure the strength of your customer's relation to your company and thus the degree of their loyalty.

Repeat the CleverNPS measurement, analysis and take action


The relation with your customers can change over time. Therefore it is important to regularly ask customers about their perception of your company. Repeat the analysis of NPS data and take action.

NPS solution for your company

Our NPS SaaS solution provides your company with a valuable tool that can be used to measure your customers’ satisfaction and loyalty. It works by asking customers a simple question:

“On a scale of 0-10, how likely is it that you would recommend our product/service to a friend, family or colleague?”

The NPS scale shows the likelihood of getting recommendations

Based on their answers, customers are categorized into one of three groups:

Promoters – Satisfied and loyal customers who will most often recommend your company

Passives – Satisfied but often disloyal customers who are easily tempted by a good offer from others

Detractors – Disaffected and disloyal who will recommend your company to their network

The NPS results on the dashboard

In the CleverNPS system, you can see all the results of the NPS measurements clearly so they are easy to understand. You get the overview from userfriendly graphs and diagrams.

Book a presentation

You can book a completely non-binding presentation of the CleverNPS software. Do not wait but book a meeting in the calendar right away or send us a message and we will get back to you.

CleverNPS - NPS software dashboard
Use NPS and get better results for the company

Use NPS to achieve new goals

Focus on creating results

The NPS software can help your business gain important insights and knowledge about customer satisfaction and loyalty. By using the collected data actively, you can improve the customer experience and increase the company’s success both in the short and long term.

Find answers in customer feedback

NPS gives you very valuable feedback that you can act on quickly. One of the large advantages of using NPS, instead of others customer surveys, is that it is easy to use, to get startet with, to measure with and gives you clear suggestion actions you should take.

Get NPS anchored in the company

The use of the CleverNPS software and the NPS system itself can be great asset to use in many functions of a company. It is crucial that NPS is anchored in the company and integrated into the company’s operations. There are many great benefits of NPS that most departments in a company can use constructively to create improved customer experience. It all ultimately helps ensure the company’s success and creates greater earnings.

The Net Promoter System is a strategic toolbox

See examples of how CleverNPS is used in different department of a company.


Anchor customer focus in the culture. Already after the first customer contact, the company's reputation is in the customer's hands. Design the desired customer experience and ensure that it is also what the customers experience. Get the customers' unfiltered feedback and move the management desion-making basis from gut feeling to a data-based basis.

NPS software system for management


Increase the effect of the marketing effort. Use the insight into customer loyalty directly in your marketing and create better results from your marketing with focused communication targeting the customer's degree of loyalty. Activate satisfied and loyal customers to contribute to the company's positive reputation.

Use CleverNPS software in the marketing department

Product Development

What do your end customers think and say about your products? If you have many links between the end customer and product development, NPS gives you unfiltered access to input about the end customer's experiences with your products. It gives you direct access to a valuable user panel of end users.

NPS measurement for product development - CleverNPS


Prioritize sales resources optimally. Loyal customers are customers longer and buy more. You can e.g. start with identifying the loyal customers' potential. Furthermore find new ways to move disloyal customers to become more loyal. Your sales department can do this before focusing on new sales.

NPS solution for the sales department


Committed employees provide a better customer experience. The customers' feedback gives the employees invaluable and unfiltered knowledge about the customer experience they create and the basis for committed efforts. Ongoing well-being measurements provide insight into the organisation's status and development.

eNPS solution for the HR department - CleverNPS


Put an amount on your customer loyalty. Calculate the financial gain by investing in increased customer loyalty. The proven increased earnings based on greater customer loyalty justify the efforts and investments. The finance department can have great benefits of using a NPS solution.

The finance department can use NPS software

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If you are interested in knowing more about how NPS can be used in your company, we are ready to give you a non-binding introduction to NPS. If you are already looking for NPS software, we are of course also ready to give you a presentation of our user-friendly Danish-developed system. Call, write or book a meeting right now.