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At CleverNPS, we do not just sell our eNPS software, but we also help you with starting up and input on how to use the answers from your employees. This enables you to create better well-being and commitment among the employees.

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We have already made it easy for you by creating a standard setup in our CleverNPS software. If you wish to ask additional questions to your employees, we will help you with that.

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Understand the results of your eNPS score. It is important that you incorporate it in your company and understand how eNPS measurements should be read. Hereby you can take relevant action.

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Start by asking your employees to what extent they would recommend your company as a workplace to people in their network and why. It gives a unique insight into their well-being and commitment.

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Acting on your eNPS results helps you get a positive return from using the eNPS software. Thereby you improve the well-being of the employees and the results of your company.

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Every time you ask your employees an eNPS question, you measure the strength of your employee's relation with your company and thus the degree of their loyalty. Set an eNPS goal and work to achieve it.

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You can advantageously set the sending of eNPS measurements in the system. You can send it out every 3 or 6 months, it gives you continuous insight into the organisation's status.

eNPS solution for your company

Our eNPS SaaS solution provides your company with a valuable tool that can be used to measure employee satisfaction and well-being. It basically works by asking employees a simple question and giving them an opportunity to write a comment:

“On a scale from 0-10, how likely is it that you would recommend our company as a workplace to relevant people in your network?”

NPS-skalaen viser sandsynligheden for at få anbefalinger.

Based on their answers, employees are categorized into three groups.

The eNPS results on the dashboard

In the CleverNPS system, you can see all the results of the eNPS measurements clearly and easily understood. You get the overview via easy-to-understand graphs and overview images.

NPS loyalty categories - Satisfaction and loyalty are measured

eNPS loyalty categories

Promoters (9 and 10) are considered satisfied and committed.
Passives (7 and 8) are considered satisfied but may be tempted by another job offer (possibly salary)
Detractors (6 to 0) are considered dissatisfied and likely to leave

Book a presentation

You can book a completely non-binding presentation of the CleverNPS software. Do not wait, book a meeting in the calendar right away or send us a message and we will get back to you.

eNPS-software - Få fokus på medarbejdernes trivsel

Use eNPS to gain insight

Focus on creating engagement

The eNPS software can help your company gain important insight and knowledge about employee satisfaction and well-being. By using the collected data actively, the company can focus on the areas that help to create greater engagement and increase the company’s success both in the short and long term.

Find answers in employee feedback

eNPS as an employee survey, eNPS gives you both a quantitative score and qualitative and valuable feedback. One of the great advantages of using eNPS together with or instead of the large annual satisfaction survey is that it is easy and manageable to carry out. Therefore it can also be repeated at short intervals. It gives you an easy insight into the situation and subsequently the opportunity to quickly measure the improvements you make.

Get eNPS anchored in the company

The use of the CleverNPS software and the NPS system itself can both be used to measure employee well-being and to create the annual APV as well as other types of measurements, thereby creating value for the company in several ways.

Contact CleverNPS

If you are interested in knowing more about how NPS can be used in your company, we are ready to give you a non-binding introduction to NPS. If you are already looking for NPS software, we are of course also ready to give you a presentation of our user-friendly Danish-developed system. Call, write or book a meeting today.