Customer Experience Management

Monitorize your customers’ experience and have a strong and efficient customer-focused culture with CleverNPS’s CXM program.

From customer to fan

Give your customers an experience that makes them want to recommend your company to everyone they know.

CleverNPS’s CXM program is based on your current starting point in a number of areas, such as customer loyalty level, customer feedback, financial ratios and a wide range of other customer-focused matters.

Together we prepare a CXM plan which will bring you to a new level in accordance with your wishes and ambitions. We support you all the way with a number of specific quantitative and qualitative goals and KPIs that ensure your progress.

From one size fit’s all to a customer focused solution:

CleverNPS’s CXM program focuses on improving your ability to create loyal customers.

The CXM program can be used by anyone who wants to strengthen the company’s customer relations. The method is independent of the company’s size and industry.

The method contains a number of operational tools, which also create value individually. You can e.g. read more about how to increase the impact of marketing here, get a better reputation online here and how to generate more additional sales in the sales department here.

Hire a CX Management advisor

Do you lack the time, knowledge or resources to take your customer focus to the next level?

Get CleverNPS as your CXM customer focus sparring partner. Read more here.

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A focused effort with the customer at the centre.

From customer to fan with Customer Experience Management

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