Why to focus on the customer journey

First you identify your customers’ touchpoints on their customer journey with you. Hereby you gain a better understanding of how your customers interact with your company. Therefore, an analysis of which contact points are decisive has a great influence on the health of your company. 

The analysis will also help you to create a basis for prioritizing which areas you will benefit most from focusing on.

A good customer experience leads to increased loyalty, more repeat purchases, positive word-of-mouth marketing and a stronger image.

Before, During and After

Improving the customer experience requires a methodical approach. Here the "Before", "During" and "After" methodology can help you identify and improve the customer experience in each sub-element of the customer journey.

Improving the customer experience before the customer journey starts


First impressions are important, and this also applies to the customer journey. In this phase, you focus on attracting customers to your business and giving them a good first experience. It can include an easily accessible website, effective advertising and a compelling marketing strategy.

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CleverNPS can identify where your customers come from and whether you are using your marketing investments optimally.

Improving the customer journey during the customer experience


In this phase, it is important to focus on meeting the customers’ needs. This means giving them a good experience at the contact points where they interact with your company. Here, employees with customer contact play a decisive role.

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CleverNPS can help you and your team measure which contact points are most important to the customer. At the same time it can help find which behaviour creates the highest degree of loyalty.

Improving the customer journey after the customer experience


The post-purchase experience is crucial to maintaining a good customer relationship. In this phase, you focus on building customer loyalty and increasing repeat purchases. It can include effective post-purchase customer service, customer reviews and feedback, and a customer retention strategy.

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CleverNPS gives you insight into whether you and the team have succeeded regarding customer experience. In giving the customer an experience that if you  earn the customers’ recommendation and at the same time make them promote your company, then you have succeeded.

After-sales service

The post-purchase experience is also an important part of the customer journey. It is crucial to provide a good experience after the purchase, as this can increase customer loyalty and build a strong brand image. This may include effective post-purchase customer service, the ability to provide feedback and a customer retention strategy.

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The day the customer relationship ends

Although it can be sad to lose a customer, it is still important to provide a good experience during this phase. This may include effectively ending the customer relationship, providing feedback and maintaining a professional relationship with the customer. It can also be an opportunity to learn from the factors that led to the termination of the customer relationship and use this information to improve the customer experience in the future.

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The customer journey - 5 points you should focus on

Insight into your customers’ experience when they are in contact with your company is crucial to future success. This is where knowledge of your customers’ journey is an important priority.

Uncover the touchpoints a customer experiences, from the first contact with your company, to the decision process, purchase, post-purchase service, and even after the customer relationship has ended.

Design and describe the experience you want your customers to experience at the individual contact points. It will help to ensure that your customers achieve exactly the customer experience you want your customers to be left with.

Put the customer journey into a system – Before, During and After

Before, During and After is one of several ways to identify and structure the customer journey. It is a simple and easy way to start the process.

What is most important?

Start by prioritizing customer experiences according to importance to the customer. You should ask the customers about them directly, so that you do not become a filter for your customers’ truth. Instead, use the time to prioritize the contact points yourself according to importance for your company in terms of processes, turnover and costs.

Once you have identified what is most important to your customers, you have the opportunity to prioritize which parts of the customer journey you want to prioritize. It could e.g. be the contact points that create the greatest value for the customer and the company as a whole.

Design your customers’ experience

Describe the experience you want your employees to ensure your customer’s experience. “Good service” can mean a thousand things. Be clear and precise in your wording so that you do not leave it to the individual employee’s values ​​to interpret what “Good service” is.

Involve the organisation

Perhaps the most important point is to involve the whole organisation. It is your employees who must execute your wishes regarding your customers’ experience in everyday life. The more your employees “buy in” to your thoughts about the customer experience and your wishes for the specific customer experience, the better the result.

Involve them as early as possible in the process. Employees often have specialist knowledge of processes and routines that may be important to include in the process.

You get what you measure

Set measurement of the customer experience into a system. A good method is NPS – Net Promoter Score. It consists of a simple loyalty question and an opportunity to write a comment. Insight into the customer’s loyalty and relationship to the company, perhaps expanded with a single or two extra in-depth questions. This will give you precise insight into your customers’ experiences. Furthermore it will give you and the organisation important input on the direction of your work with the customer journey.

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