The customer journey

Put the customer journey on the agenda and give your customers an experience which results in high customer satisfaction and more loyal customers.

The customer journey – The management of the customer experience

Your customers’ experiences when in contact with your company are crucial for the future relation and the company’s reputation. Many parameters affect whether the customer journey is positive or negative. After a short time, customers do not remember all the details of the customer experience, but especially those who evoke positive or negative emotions. The more detailed and specific you decide which experience you want to give to your customers at the contact points, the greater the probability that your customers will remember the experience you have decided they should have.

Design of the customer experience

Customers meet the company in many places. Right from the company’s ads, signs on the facade, reputation and the company website to the direct personal contact and advice on the phone or face to face as well as the subsequent service and possibly. support just to name a few of the many contact points where customer meet company.

Some contact points are more important than others. For many customers, the company’s signs on the facade are less important than the company’s reputation and the customer’s own experience. Regardless, it is up to you to decide what experience your customers should have when choosing to become your customer.

Managing your customers’ experience

As the saying goes, the management of the customer experience is a consciously controlled process where you decide what experience your customers should have on their journey through the company.

If there is someone other than yourself in the company who has the customer contact, it is important that you share your specific wishes and expectations for what the right customer experience is for the individual contact points on the customer journey with the entire organization. A message to the organization about a requirement to provide sublime customer service is not enough, it must be concretized so that it is not up to the individual employee to interpret based on their own set of values.

Read and “5 important points in the Customer Journey” if you want specific input on how to get started.

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The customer journey - Get more loyal customers

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