We systemize customer loyalty = Committed employees and long valuable customer relations!

About CleverNPS

CleverNPS offers a cloud-based NPS software solution. The NPS software helps you and your company to identify and strengthen the degree of loyalty of your customers. Furthermore, in collaboration with a number of partners, we offer to support you in the process to the extent you wish.
We do this using methods and tools that are continuously developed through the industry standard Net Promoter System ® (NPS).

The value of a good relation with your customers

Loyal customers buy more and are customers longer period. They are also more forgiving should things go wrong. They might also return to your company and bring their friends too. However this only happens when you and your organization give them the experience that make you deserve it.

Our noble cause is to help you identify what your customers experience and think. In this process we will create a strong knowledge-based foundation that supports you in the process of getting more and more loyal customers.

NPS® as a method was developed by Fred Reichheld – Bain & Co. as well as Satmetrix. 

CEO and partner Mikael Klint from CleverNPS


CEO & Partner

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CTO & Partner

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