About CleverNPS

We systemize customer loyalty
Committed employees and long profitable customer relations!

– CleverNPS’s Value Proposition

Making a long story short…

Already after the first contact, you place your reputation in the hands of your customers

The long loyal customer relationship – To be customer focused

CleverNPS is a consulting company and a Software as a Service platform that helps companies improve their customers’ experiences, also called Customer Experience Management (CXM). We do this using the industry standard Net Promoter System ® (NPS).

Our noble cause is to help our customers have a longer, stronger relationship with their customers where they realize the full potential through a proven customer loyalty program and committed employees.

The good relationship between customer and company has never been more important than now!

Marketing does not have the same effect as before. Customers value their suppliers to a much greater extent on what they do, rather than what they say. It is a development that grows in line with customers’ opportunities to share views with their network and that they do so to a greater extent.

Therefor it is more important now than ever before to put the customer’s experience on the agenda as a controlled process in which the entire company, purposefully and consciously, acts as the customer focus.


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